Dean spent over a decade as a fine artist, before stumbling upon graphic design. He began by designing packaging, poster art, and shooting original photography for studios like Twentieth Century Fox, Paramount, & Warner Brothers.

He was snatched up by Oakley, then later, Billabong, helping both design and build their new .com platforms. With Oakley, Dean strategized with their marketing and e-commerce departments to create powerful UX, email campaigns, and other digital experiences. He was then sought out by PacSun’s marketing and e-com departments to assist in strategizing and creating refreshing designs for their global campaigns.

Somewhere in all that, he joined the video game company, Xenomurf. Dean was instrumental in elevating the fledgling start-up. He built their art department from the ground up, interviewing, hiring, managing, and directing a talented team of artists and animators. On top of being the Lead Art Director, he also brought his expertise to help with their social media marketing, website design, story concepts, and game design.

These last few years Dean has been completely freelance, working for companies like Red Digital Cinema, Capital Group, Heineken Int, Legrand, and a handful of local businesses.

Meet the Team

UI Design

Wireframes ○ UX Research + Design ○ Web Design ○ App Design ○ Game Interfaces ○ Website Management


Graphic Design

Interactive Brochures ○ Infographics ○ Posters ○ Catalogs ○ Signage ○ Book Layout ○ Keyart ○ Vehicle Wraps ○ Packaging


Art Direction

Creative Problem Solving ○ Marketing Strategy ○ Trend Insight ○ Interviewing ○ Hiring ○ Managing a Team



Art Direction ○ Studio Shoots ○ Retouching ○ Restoration ○ Photo Manipulation


Brand Identity

Research ○ Exploration ○ Naming ○ Logo Design ○ Iconography ○ Font Creation ○ Brand Toolkits


Social Media

Campaign Strategy ○ Content Production ○ Management


Meet the Team