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Planet of the Apes

Film Collection Packaging + Coffee Table Book

I went ape-sh*t when we landed The Planet of the Apes box set. In conducting research for this project, I discovered the special makeup effects studio, Apemania, who we orchestrated a photoshoot where we shot not only original props, but actual live actors made-up as the apes. A big “Go Ape!” and thanks to Brian Penikas and his crew for all their hard work.

As the resident Apes expert in our mad house, I was instrumental in directing this project down the right path as it constantly evolved. I slaved over every detail, especially when it came to accurately creating the ship emblazoned on the cover. I also took command of the design & implantation of the timeline and the props sections of the book. In the end, our mission ended in success and no one had to travel back in time to alter history.